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Top 4 Things You Should Be Doing To Build Your Gen Z Audience

How can you connect with the largest generation on Earth, scale commerce and build community? With a simple, customer-focused approach.

Gen Z has a current spending power of about $143 billion, even though many of them are still in college, their power lies in the fact that they understand social media as a tool for change. So let’s talk about how we can work with this generation in terms of both commerce and connection.

Tap into virtual events

Embrace honesty over hype

Although paid advertising still works for driving site traffic, you have to build brands the old fashioned way and create powerful messages that cut through. Gain credibility by getting microinfluencers and online communities to share your brand message to their friends. This user generated content can be leveraged on your socials and website to create a cohesive story about the products.

Establish a strong value system

Gen Z wants a brand to share their values. They understand that their power is in their purchase, they vote with our dollar, and every purchase has to provide a purpose for the world. They’re buying products from brands, and they expect brands to help them and they expect them to contribute to society’s impact.

Create programs they can belong to and participate in

Take this opportunity to direct creative energy into marketing and digital content that helps you boost your authenticity and your impact. Use your audience because they want to sit at the table, and they will probably help you take your marketing and branding dollars much further than you can do alone. Participation is the new expectation, they want to have a voice and channel through co-creation, brand ambassador programs, loyalty perks or Facebook groups that motivate them to get involved. Collaboration and co-creation should be built into the experience.

Think about Gen Z as a cultural mindset versus demographic. Create meaningful connections, personalize experiences through virtual lenses, and your customers will be your advocates in no time.

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