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Modern-day cyberattacks keep growing in sophistication and sheer volume. This dynamic makes it virtually impossible to detect and block all attacks using the traditional methods of comparing incoming…


The Jewish Girl and the Catholic Priest

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Two weeks ago I was on the airplane heading home from an emotional 2 day visit with my ailing dad in Denver.

I got on the plane feeling a bit mentally weary but armed with a lifetimes worth of new stories. I was looking forward to going home — writing and finishing my memoir.

I kicked off my shoes and slipped on my favorite slippers. (Yes, I brought my own slippers to wear on the plane! Hey why not?)

I closed my eyes and took a well needed deep breath.


I was feeling relief.

Relieved to have gone on this trip because I got new clarity about my dad after 50 years, but also glad to be goin hooooome! There’s no place like home.

I was in the aisle seat. Abruptly, I was nudged by a young thin guy dressed in all black from head to toe. He was juggling a briefcase and a Bible.

“Excuse me. I think I’m sitting next to you!”

I stood up. He scooched in to his seat. I liked his happy approachable face.

Ohhhh here comes my next story, I thought.

“So, how are you doing today? Heading to Knoxville…? He had a kind smile. I felt glad I’d be sitting next to him on this flight.

“I’m real good thanks. I live close to Knoxville. I just got done visiting my ailing dad in Denver. I have a lot to write about now…”

He glanced at my open journal and my pen that I was now balancing in my mouth.

“Hey, I’d looove to interview you for a story.”

“Sure! That sounds fun!” He seemed eager to begin. “It looks like you write a lot.” I guess he noticed my feverish scrawls in my journal.

“Yes. I love writing. I write daily essays and I’m working on finishing a memoir of my life in show biz.”

“Ohhhh that’s great! I’m so sorry about your dad though — That’s hard, but it’s great that you write so much. I write every day too in the Seminary.”

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