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I was on my way to book club (the Greener Reader book club), we were reading Lagoon by Nnedi Okorafor. Interesting, if erratic, alien “first contact” book set in Nigeria. I was early, and I’d seen a…


Why Water is The Secret to Productivity

Fatigue, tiredness and the inability to focus are worsened by being indoors and working from home

When we’re engaged with work, we often get lost in our thoughts because of how focused we are on a particular task. While this is great for maintaining our concentration, it comes at the expense of forgetting to take a break, going for a stretch, or grabbing a glass of water.

It might seem obvious, but most of us tend to work more effectively during the morning when our minds are sharper, and we’re ready for the challenges of the day. It’s why most schools and jobs start early since many of us are just better suited to that routine.

But it doesn’t work for everyone. And even for those who do work well in the mornings, they can sometimes have days where they just can’t concentrate. COVID has pushed more and more of us into a world where we wake up and start our day working in our PJ’s. But even if you don’t work in your PJ’s, how can you make sure you’re at your best when you’re working from home?

In 2018, I worked with a team of analysts around an area of the office which was close to the kitchen. Our manager would often get up for breaks and ask all of us whether we wanted a glass of water.

I eagerly accepted every time, as it’s only the momentary distraction of a person asking you something that you realise just how thirsty you get. While I didn’t feel unproductive during these dehydrated moments, I did find myself taking longer to figure things out on spreadsheets.

Of course, you could argue that stretching and going for a walk does wonders for the brain, and while that’s true, few pay attention to the benefits a single glass of cold water does to productivity.

You might be thinking this dubious, but there are two reasons for this:

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