Why Water is The Secret to Productivity

Drink water as soon as you wake up. Fatigue, tiredness and the inability to focus are worsened by being indoors and working from home


What do Other writers Use?

Gross is hard on himself, finally!

I just took a slight walk through Medium to find: They are all using photos taken by people they give credit too. I have not used anything but the one time God made the Boom! turn into Black Bold without me doing anything but typing. Because it was the first time I did it, I thought: if I don’t use this as a non sequitur, I may be in trouble with the BG, or Big Guy. I think you can all speak foreign languages, especially “Dirty” words. I must be totally wrong. I cannot get more than one person to follow me… in reality. More may have signed up, I just know how fickle you can be when you are reading. I have done my best to not phone in even one second of time. If you count the time of the read, add a ton more for me to re read and change things that are not only unfunny, but take up space. I am space concious only now!


I do not mean me!

I did a check on the name, David Gross. I found about 15 popular David Grosses. They have mostly all Written Published Works. I have too, only Self Published which means they are all rich and I am poor. I wanted to do a cry type of noise. I think it is better to use Imogee which is the smiley face and Thumb Down Like John McCain did to Donald when John was alive. Not that it matters to Trump. 2016 is alive and well: Lock Her UP is still number one on Billboards top LOser hitz!

How Low can you go?

Limbo a little lower now. I only said that thousands of times at kids parties as a young DJ who looked about 10 years old. Maybe you notice I have not been to happy to grow old. Darn right. I thought I would die with dignity. Instead, I am hocking myself out really cheaply. I deserve a fait worse than death. Hard to think of anything as I do not remember being out of pain, but for brief moments until the next horrible thing happens. Don’t YOU worry. You have a Crash Test Dummy to help!

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