Menegakkan benang basah peradilan anak

Sistem Peradilan Pidana Anak (SPPA) menjamin hak anak tetap diberikan meski mereka tengah menjalani proses peradilan pidana. Bagaimana implementasinya?


Poor can dream

You? Is there another part of you hidden somewhere or is it this you I am looking at? You are not serious. What, are you joking? It is not possible. Why not…Can’t you see? Who has done it before? Do you know the kind of family that person comes from? It doesn’t matter. Money is all that matters. You are too poor to dream that big. This is how you should do it…The best thing is to forget about that stuff you are talking about. All that stuff you are doing is baseless. I can go on and on about how people if you allow it can twist “you” around. There is this effervescent rush of antimony that spills out, similar to the Freudian slip, when we try to discuss what we have in mind with those who don’t keep an open mind. Open mind is fair enough because no one is really in our heads or can understand exactly using same prism. There is this flocking around popular opinions that shield tastes of inferiority to a supposed capability. There is this imposition of our achievements no matter how big or little to a divergent idea masking as advice but indeed hatred to certain propositions. There is this discouragement that is bundled for those who are poor. The feeling is almost like if you come from humble beginnings and you’re trying to climb that ladder who do you reserve that spot for? You think you better don’t you? You want to be among the big guys, popular, successful right? Okay let’s see you do it. And you see them attempt.

What is poor? Language evolve and the term “broke” has creeped in another definition. Both of them pointing to limited means and resources. Poor to me is something more longterm. Resources including wealth but that’s not all. I don’t identify with poor. Maybe broke at a point but poor has that hopelessness to it. If the opposite is richness we all know it matters in what you are actually rich in. Choosing your success abundance would have so many meanings but you know society. Better know thyself and what you want.

Anyway, however it is defined I want to make it known that even those from whatever poverty level can dream. Of your mind can construe it, it is not only possible but your right to. I am telling it to all as also to myself. I like reading biographies and indeed most of the top successful people come from humble beginnings. Many. The amount would scare you. What people overcome would make you reconsider how you look at your situation. It does that for me. There is a saying it is not where you come from that matters. That is true. At the end of the day it comes down to what you offer and can effect.

My reflection today is an opposition to all institutionalized belief that support should only be reserved for those with the means that outrightly creates that imbalance where the rich gets richer and the poor gets poorer. I also stand against that neglect of others that might kill off ideas that have potentials to make a difference. This is why I am writing this and urging someone somewhere on. As for me, I am not poor. I don’t have all the resources I need but the drive to actively dream and pursue what I want and know that it is my contribution to a better world can never gas. I guess “poor” is actually that giving up because a rich person using wealth as the factor can lose and also a poor person can acquire. To me in all honesty it doesn’t make any difference to me we all came into this world without nothing and that’s how it will be when we leave. Our legacies matter. How we chose to handle the cards life dealt us because life can be unfair for everyone. No one really has it all so I don’t stand for that denial of that basic privilege to aspire and work towards avoiding boxes that don’t fit. Things change rapidly and no one really has all that control. There is an infiteness in the universe that empowers the individual and vice versa. It all comes down to choices, actions, and outlook. Some people lost that which gives them reasons to live beautifully and might turn on you especially if you are young. One of the shocking experiences I had was a conversation with a fellow youth one night who was already giving reasons on why he could be broke in the future. That was disillusioning. I admit our environment and circumstances weren’t the most inspiring but if there is an option to be positive why choose negativity when each could lead to an end? I rather stay on believe and see where it leads. I rather exercise my right to have dreams and work towards it instead of wasting the recipe that makes me unique. You too. There are better days ahead. There is always a way and those pointing out your inadequacies don’t have all the answers.

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