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Tired of PMS Fatigue? PMS and Fatique, PMS symptoms Fatigue.

PMS fatiqueFeeling totally exhausted during PMS is too uncomfortable for modern women who has to do a lot of daily work and duties. If you are one of those who struggle from total tiredness during premenstrual period, don’t give up! You are not alone in this problem and there are some proven methods of relieving the PMS impact.

As a big part of PMS symptoms fatigue is a result of hormonal imbalance, as well as changes of neurotransmitters levels that occur in premenstrual cycle phase. It is not general for all women who experience PMS, but those who do may feel both physical and mental discomfort caused by total tiredness, constant willing to sleep and do nothing. The best thing is that it usually lasts a few days and can be significantly relieved if to listen to your organism and really get some rest! It is a good reason to remember that you should have time for yourself and take some day-offs. Fatigue is normal reaction of female body to hormonal changes. Try not to panic or get angry because of the lack of energy, and if something from your duties can wait, put it off for the time you will feel better. A few days in a month can be “fasting days”, when you just lie on a sofa and do nothing difficult. This is the best and the safest way of treating PMS fatigue.

There are a lot of methods that may help to reduce the period of PMS tiredness. You can drink much fluid, correct your dietary regime by increased intake of complex carbohydrates and reducing fatty food. Physical exercises also may help to relieve PMS symptoms, choose the best type of activity suitable for you. Coffee and caffeinated drinks can only worsen the situation, so try not to drink them during PMS period. Coffee can cause other symptoms like insomnia and anxiety.

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