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The Symptoms of Pregnancy, Signs That You Are Pregnant

Pregnancy symptoms articleThe variety of pregnancy symptoms really impresses, as they are very individual for each woman. The definite sign of possible pregnancy is the absence of menstruations, but many women don’t experience this symptom during the early pregnancy stages. Most of such symptoms can be caused by other things, that is why the best way to define whether you pregnant or not is use the pregnancy test or consult a doctor.

If you are planning to conceive a child, you should prepare your organism for pregnancy period. You should find more about this aspect to be ready for successful pregnancy and childbirth. You should adjust your diet, habits and lifestyle in accordance with your future state, as well as study the physical activity exercises that may help to gain the best form for easy birth.

Signs That You Are Pregnant

Changes in Menstrual Cycle
It is the most popular pregnancy “side effect”. Most of women don’t experience periods during the menstruation, or menstruations become shorter and less intensive till the full stopping. Also the regularity of periods is changing slightly. You should remember that such changes are not 100% signs of pregnancy, as they can have another nature like rapid weight changes, stresses or hormone disbalance. It can also be a side effect of stopping the intake of hormonal drugs.

Implantation Bleeding
When the embryo is trying to attach itself to the uterus wall, the process can be accompanied with short period bleeding that usually starts in six – twelve days after the conception was made. Very often this bleeding is taken as a menstruation by mistake. Sometimes the process of embryo implanting causes menstruation-like spasms or cramping. To relief these symptoms, you can use a heating pad. In case you are pregnant it is better to avoid painkilling drugs.

Sickness and Vomiting
These are the most famous symptoms of pregnancy that can accompany you during the whole period. Usually the morning sickness starts in two – eight weeks since conception was made. Don’t think that it is only the morning ‘hello’ to pregnant women: the nausea can happen any time during the day and night. Also it can be a specific reaction on some food or fragrances. Some women do not experience it at all, most feel sickness during the first trimester. There is a possibility to regard nausea as a pregnancy side effect instead of its real cause like food poisoning or other disorders. Regular visits to a doctor will help to avoid such mistakes. By the way the doctor assistance will be also helpful to relief morning sickness effect. A doctor will prescribe some medicines or diet therapy allowed during the pregnancy.

Breasts Sensitivity and Swelling
Women breasts react to any hormonal changes in the organism very quickly, and pregnancy will also make an effect on them. In one – two weeks of pregnancy you may feel that your breasts became bigger in size and more sensitive to various irritants. You also may feel pain discomfort like during the PMS. Sometimes the color and size of nipple areolas also change. Remember that breasts swelling and tenderness can be also a side effect of other hormonal disbalance or taking some hormonal pills like birth control medicines. Even the intake of much coffee can cause the same symptoms.

Tiredness and Exhaustion
You can feel it soon after conception, but don’t take it as a definite pregnancy symptom. It can be caused by stresses, depression or heavy physical activity.

Changes in Attitude to Specific Tastes and Aromas
The nature of this symptom is still unknown for science, but it really happens in the vast majority of cases. Most likely it is also the effect of increased estrogen production. So don’t wonder if some fragrances or dishes that never made any discomfort to you may suddenly make you mad.

Frequent Micturition
This symptom takes place within the six weeks after the child was conceived. It is natural process when the amount of various liquids in the organism increases during the pregnancy period, so don’t worry about frequent visits to the toilet. Also the baby grows inside you and less and less place is left for your bladder, so it can hold less liquid and needs more often liberation.

Enlargement of Abdomen
The feelings during the first pregnancy period is almost the same like when the periods start: you feel bloated. As the child growth your abdomen will grow respectively.

Appetite Raising
You need to eat more as there is someone else inside who also need to get all necessary nutrients. The organism should be strong and full of vitamins, that’s why you are eating more during the pregnancy..
Raised Basal Temperature
If you measure your basal temperature regularly, and there is a constant raise during 18 days or more, it seems that you are pregnant.

Pregnancy test
You can surely find out if you are pregnant or by using special pregnancy test or consulting a doctor. Most of home tests give no guarantees for definitely trustworthy results. If it has shown that you are not pregnant, but you experience various pregnancy symptoms, you should see a doctor to diagnose the reasons.

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    [...] The Symptoms of Pregnancy, Signs That You Are Pregnant « Premenstrual syndrome (PMS) [...]

  2. [...] The Symptoms of Pregnancy, « Premenstrual syndrome (PMS) [...]

  3. [...] The Symptoms of Pregnancy, « Premenstrual syndrome (PMS) [...]

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    These are the symptoms that are expected by many but you will also get also get other sign apart from these depending on your health.

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