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PMS and Headaches, pms headache symptoms, pms headache relief.

PMS headacheYou suffer from annoying headache or even sharp pains? Not only you, don’t worry. Headaches are the most typical complaint from women during PMS. All you need is the right medication and lying an hour in a dark room.

Depending on my experience, PMS headaches are most likely to attack during two final weeks of the cycle. They are connected with lots of other symptoms (like decreased urination, fatigue, lack of coordination, constipation and joint pain), making it different from usual menstrual headache. The usual thing is also increasing appetite, especially for alcohol, sweets and salt. Headaches develop due to hormone and neurotransmitter levels changes in the final phase of the cycle.

You want some my recipes for remedies first? All right then, try to drink plenty of water and have enough rest. If this doesn’t work, take non-prescription painkillers. In case you feel lack of coordination and dizziness, get some sleep if you need. These headaches will be over, that’s nothing to worry about, so be strong, get rid of them and come back to your normal life.

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