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Emotional symptoms of PMS, emotional problems like mood swings, stresses…

Emotional symptoms of PMSThis article was written by a nurse from one of the US clinics that wished to stay anonymous.

She shares her knowledge about emotional symptoms during PMS and how to fight them. If you found the information useful, please leave your comments.

During PMS many women experience various emotional problems like mood swings, stresses, sudden willing to cry or argue with everyone around. The most frequent emotional symptom of PMS is anxiety that causes big discomfort in everyday life.

During a long time scientists didn’t connect emotional discomfort to premenstrual syndrome, but later they realized that psychological state is directly connected to cyclic hormonal changes in the female organism, and anxiety and stress are common PMS symptoms.

Such emotional changes have various origins, not only PMS. It can be related to various problems at home or at work, conflicts in relationships, mental health disorders, etc. The environment can affect your emotional stability, causing stresses that can be regarded as PMS symptoms. Combined with hormonal changes, problems around can worsen the situation, turning woman into a deep depression.

It was found that the main reason of anxiety and other emotional changes during PMS is estrogen level changes. Perhaps severe stress is an alarm of PMDD that has a lot in common with PMS but its symptoms are much stronger and sometimes unbearable. PMDD is the most difficult case of PMS that requires medical assistance.

Every tenth woman of childbearing age suffers from PMDD in the USA. Most of them experience the same emotional problems that are typical for manic depression. As a rule patients with PMDD experience rapid mood swings from happiness in the first minute to deep sadness in the second. Such swings lead to deep emotional instability and exhaustion. Also they admit extraordinary sensitivity to things that has no matter to them before.

It is natural for women to be sensitive to different things, but the natural sensitivity has nothing in common with unbearable symptoms of PMS or PMDD especially. Stresses and feel of anxiety are only a part of possible reactions to hormones during premenstrual period, and women struggle from them each month before periods begin. The only way to fight instability is to learn how to control emotions and stresses, helping yourself to manage with PMS and return your life into the normal state.

Many specialists will advise you to take vitamins of B-group, go in for sports like aerobics, use relaxation practices like meditation and balance your diet to avoid potential impact on hormones.

Also natural progesterone creams showed effective results in treating anxiety and mood swings during premenstrual period. The alternative supplement for stabilizing emotions before periods is Kava Kava.

There are a lot of medications available today, that is why it is better to consult a doctor who can select the best treatment for your individual set of symptoms.

Don’t wonder if he will prescribe something that was not listed in this article, it is fully possible.

Do your best to tune your lifestyle on the right way and follow doctor’s advices to feel good at any period of cycle!

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